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The Best Damn Thing- Crossdresser!Reader X Prussia
The Best Damn Thing- Crossdresser!Tomboy!Reader X Prussia
Hi there, I’m no good at things like this but I just had to get this out, and I’m even thinking of turning this into a series. This is my very first Hetalia Character Insert so it's bound to suck. Some characters may be fairly OOC because I’m just terrible at that so I hope this doesn’t suck that bad, but anyway enjoy this! I suck at accents by the way... The cross-dressing will be further explained once you start reading. And a fair warning is that given the colorful language of certain characters and reader-san’s own language watch out for some swears and also some suggestive things, innuendos and/or the classic and wonderful compromising misunderstandings
. ENJOY! :3
You sighed, “Really?” is all you had to ask to yourself since no one else was around, your loving mom was at work at this time and your dad just wasn’t exactly around for you…
You stared at the l
:icona-chan-the-great:A-chan-The-Great 458 158
RotG: SHIFT (Afterword) by LivingAliveCreator RotG: SHIFT (Afterword) :iconlivingalivecreator:LivingAliveCreator 337 480 RotG: SHIFT (Epilogue pg 3) by LivingAliveCreator RotG: SHIFT (Epilogue pg 3) :iconlivingalivecreator:LivingAliveCreator 361 763 RotG: SHIFT (Epilogue pg 2) by LivingAliveCreator RotG: SHIFT (Epilogue pg 2) :iconlivingalivecreator:LivingAliveCreator 279 285 RotG: SHIFT (pg 233) by LivingAliveCreator RotG: SHIFT (pg 233) :iconlivingalivecreator:LivingAliveCreator 247 328 RotG: SHIFT (pg 232) by LivingAliveCreator RotG: SHIFT (pg 232) :iconlivingalivecreator:LivingAliveCreator 247 358 RotG: SHIFT (pg 231) by LivingAliveCreator RotG: SHIFT (pg 231) :iconlivingalivecreator:LivingAliveCreator 238 269 RotG: SHIFT (pg 230) by LivingAliveCreator RotG: SHIFT (pg 230) :iconlivingalivecreator:LivingAliveCreator 239 303 RotG: SHIFT (pg 229) by LivingAliveCreator RotG: SHIFT (pg 229) :iconlivingalivecreator:LivingAliveCreator 224 244 RotG: SHIFT (pg 228) by LivingAliveCreator RotG: SHIFT (pg 228) :iconlivingalivecreator:LivingAliveCreator 228 233 RotG: SHIFT (pg 227) by LivingAliveCreator RotG: SHIFT (pg 227) :iconlivingalivecreator:LivingAliveCreator 227 297 RotG: SHIFT (pg 226) by LivingAliveCreator RotG: SHIFT (pg 226) :iconlivingalivecreator:LivingAliveCreator 235 222 RotG: SHIFT (pg 225) by LivingAliveCreator RotG: SHIFT (pg 225) :iconlivingalivecreator:LivingAliveCreator 224 203 RotG: SHIFT (pg 223) by LivingAliveCreator RotG: SHIFT (pg 223) :iconlivingalivecreator:LivingAliveCreator 222 259 RotG: SHIFT (pg 222) by LivingAliveCreator RotG: SHIFT (pg 222) :iconlivingalivecreator:LivingAliveCreator 245 340 It's raining. It's pouring. by SugarOnTopOfTheWorld It's raining. It's pouring. :iconsugarontopoftheworld:SugarOnTopOfTheWorld 38 8

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Untitled Drawing by kimrimiphantomhive Untitled Drawing :iconkimrimiphantomhive:kimrimiphantomhive 2 6 Wars In French Class by kimrimiphantomhive
Mature content
Wars In French Class :iconkimrimiphantomhive:kimrimiphantomhive 2 13
French Notes Gone Wrong by kimrimiphantomhive
Mature content
French Notes Gone Wrong :iconkimrimiphantomhive:kimrimiphantomhive 3 7
Tony Stark X Half-Deaf!Reader ~ Other Side Please
Just a quick note for anyone who may get confused, when I say half def I mean def in one ear. For the sake of this fic, it's the right one ^^; Hope that clears it up.
Putting in your earbud as you walked down the street, you turned up the volume on your  (music player of choice), effectively tuning out everything around you. One of the advantages of having only one working ear. 
You groped your pockets for your phone and pulled it out to check you texts. None. Weren't you popular? You slid it back into your pocket and continued on your way to the library, holding your ear to make sure you didn't loose your ear-bud. Of course, because it was your life, the music decided to shut off. 
You pulled out your (music player of choice) to see what had happened, but all the screen showed was a big picture of Iron Man. Interesting. You pulled your earbud out and started (clicking/scrolling/tapping) on
:iconkimrimiphantomhive:kimrimiphantomhive 33 54
Goodbye, But Not So Much.
Dear Wonderfully Super Amazing Person, (Bri)
Hai! I'm supposed to be asleep right now, but... Well, that didn't happen. I feel very frustrated at the moment, going over and over my entire vocabulary for a better word or words for 'goodbye' and none seem right. I'm an author, not having words is... Unsettling, to say the least.
A while back, my CTHEI class did a stupid little quiz-ish-thingie on weather or not we abused technology. I, of course, do and am proud. Anyway. (There's a point to this, I swear.) One of the questions was, and I'm paraphrasing, “If a friend you were very close too moved away, how would you say goodbye to them?” The answer choices were simple enough, supposed to be funny but weren't. Me and Kat laughed and made up our own answers, and mine was, naturally, “Farewell, old friend~! Do not forget to remember me! *dramatic sob*”
But, now, that doesn't quite seem appropriate. Goodbye seems too formal, too little said, not enough feeling, and alt
:iconkimrimiphantomhive:kimrimiphantomhive 2 50
I Never Lie, I Act ~ Ezio X Thief!Ninja!Reader P.4
~~~~~ Ezio's P.O.V. still~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
I leaned over the side of the bed to see Um holding her head, rocking back and forth slowly, and mumbling to herself in a way he would have called panicked if it were anybody else.
"I didn't see him.... I didn't see him because he's not here. He's not laying half naked in my bed watching me talk to myself... I'm talking to myself, I guess I should stop that... Yeah, I'll stop that now. Like, right now. Now!" She pinched her arm, awakening herself from her trance-thingy.
She stood and peeked through her fingers, closing her eyes embarrassedly when she had apparently confirmed that I was in fact there. She moved her hands slowly and stared at me with a very unpleasant look -whether it was distaste or confusion I couldn't tell. I, in turn, gave a look of mock-hurt.
"But, bella~! Do you not remember what we did last night? I know I won't soon forget~"
She turned just a fraction of a shade redder before scoffing, "Damn right
:iconkimrimiphantomhive:kimrimiphantomhive 61 117
Awesome Trio X Reader ~ Pre-Performance Pranking
Waving your hand to get the antiquarian(1) bookstore clerk's attention, you held up a book. No book in particular, any old book would do.
"Excuse me miss, is this book edible?" you asked innocently, once you'd gotten her attention.
"...No..." She took the book from you and backed away slowly, muttering about crazy youths.
You snickered once she was out of sight and adjusted the baseball cap so that the hidden camera was at a better angle. Pretending to browse the books lining the shelves, you looked for another clerk to confuse. Just about all book stores were antiquarian these days, since e-books got so popular. It was fun going to them and messing with the clerks, especially since you couldn't get in much trouble. One of the perks of your best friend owning just about every antiquarian books store in a fifty-mile radius. You felt a tap on your shoulder and turned to see an eager young clerk.
"Miss, can I help you find anything?"
You gave him an innocent smile, straightening th
:iconkimrimiphantomhive:kimrimiphantomhive 45 22
BTT X Shy!ReaderX AwesomeTrio~For The Longest Time
Please, read the description, but for now just enjoy ~ X3
Having sexy, talented friends can be the best and worst thing in the world, you though as you closed your locker and clutched your books to your chest. A small blush was forming on your cheeks. Five extremely handsome males were standing between you and the exit of the school building, crowding around you in a semi-circle. Francis -the French- and Antonio -the Spaniard- were on the left end, and Alfred -the American- and Matthias -the Dane- were on the other with Gilbert -the 'Prussian'- in the middle.  And they were starting to sing.
"Oh, Oh, Oh
For the longest time
Oh, Oh, Oh
For the longest time"
You blinked at how well they harmonized, keeping the tempo by snapping. You tried to ignore the stares you were getting from you fellow classmates, along with the occasional glare from some of the more rabid fangirls of these two g
:iconkimrimiphantomhive:kimrimiphantomhive 127 146
I Never Lie, I Act ~ Ezio X Thief!Ninja!Reader P.3
Reader's P.O.V. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Caching his money pouch effortlessly, he caught up with you and walked beside you again.
"You know, I still don't know your name."
"Are you going to tell me?"
"Are you going to ask me?"
He rolled his eyes while you smirked. You might enjoy your time here, however long it was. It was always nice to be the smartest one in the room. Or, rather on the sidewalk. Or, side of the road. Geez.
""What's your name bella?"
There you had a problem. You could do one of two things. On one hand, you could tell him your real name and claim that it was common where you came from. On the other, you could get creative and tell him a oldie version of your name and rouse just as little suspicion... If you told him a fake name, however, you'd have to remember to answer to it regularly, and that would be a pain especially since you had to remember to keep up this accent and-
"Um? Is that what women from your land say
:iconkimrimiphantomhive:kimrimiphantomhive 68 82
I Never Lie, I Act ~ Ezio X Thief!Ninja!Reader P.2
Ezio's P.O.V. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
"Then... what do I do now?"
The girl's eyes were filled with terror. She was a trembling mess, looking on the verge of a breakdown. Mentally and physically.
But something was wrong.
Why hadn't she asked the obvious question? Why hadn't she tried to find out who we were?
I studied her closely, going over her words in my mind. I didn't have an answer. No one had an answer but her.
I tried once more to step closer to her, but she only gripped harder onto the door frame, more tears gathering in her eyes. I stopped advancing again, but I had gained some ground. I was close enough to get a better look at the feature that entranced me the most.
Her eyes.
Why did they look so familiar? Like I'd seen them somewhere? They looked just like any other pair of tear filled, terror stricken, (eye color) eyes.
 Then why couldn't I seem to look away from them?
I opened my mouth to answer her question, even i
:iconkimrimiphantomhive:kimrimiphantomhive 55 58
I Never Lie, I Act ~ Ezio X Thief!Ninja!Reader
Hearing the soft click of the lock to your neighbor's door unlocking, you grinned slyly and walked noiselessly into the huge house.You had rich neighbors, and they were very courteous about donating to the poorer community around them. Not that they knew they were. You only took enough to help out, not enough to be noticed or missed, especially in this the twenty-first century.
You kept low and made your way through the many doors to the treasure room. Having been here multiple times, you could do this blindfolded. With your (hair length/color) hair pulled back and your (boob size) chest bidden, you were entirely unrecognizable, save for your eyes, but it was way to dark for anyone to see them anyway. As you crept into the jewel-filled room, you strayed your gloved hand down to the satchel at your hip, opening it in preparation.
Before you touched anything, you straightened and looked around, putting your hand to the pin holding all your hair together, in case a quick disguise-a
:iconkimrimiphantomhive:kimrimiphantomhive 93 121
Does She Smile? - Hetalia Men X Reader Intro
Based off this song ~
Yay for cheesy, completely overused plots \(^.^)/
Sitting cross-legged on the roof of your house, you happily strummed your guitar, fingers moving naturally to the melody of your favorite song. Simple to start, and getting increasing complicated before it found a median. Singing softly, the lyrics were surprisingly uncomplicated, especially for a Panic! At The Disco song, so changing them slightly was easy enough, though you wouldn't do that just yet. Had to wait for an audience for that.
"I was fine just a guy living on my own
Waiting for the sky to fall
Then you called and changed it all, doll.
Velvet lips and the eyes to pull me in
We both know you'd already win
Mm, you're original sin.
You fooled me once with your eyes now honey,
You fooled me twice with your lies, and I say,"

:iconkimrimiphantomhive:kimrimiphantomhive 70 74
By Popular Demand (Nagging)
(A/N): This is something I came up with at  6:00 in the morning at the nagging of my dear friend Star-chan whom is sick of all the mushy-gooy-lovey-dovey stuff that happens in these fanfictions. I'm not happy she's making me write this, but it's better than staying up longer with her complaining -.- Meh. It's a six A.M. She made me leave all my mistakes, so blame her. OH, and the ending's sad. Probably, I have no idea at this point.
  Undertaker X Reader.
One foggy afternon just as the sun was setting into a bewautifu; mixture of colors, you dsecided to take teas at yourl ocal park in LOmndon. As it so happened, it ahd rained earluier, and narutrally the roads were wet. So, when a carriage drove past you at pull speed, you were completely convered in mud asnd rock and all those lovely things. Wiping your face off, and gathering your things, you stood, intent on h
:iconkimrimiphantomhive:kimrimiphantomhive 0 49
Unicorn Sisters ~ Chapter One
Unicorn Sisters ~ Chapter One: Just So You Know
My earliest memory isn't actually a memory, according to my adoptive mother anyway. It's an interesting dream, she says, but nothing more. I really should believe her; she is my mother, adoptive or not. But, on this, I just can't help but feel like she's hiding something.
As I lay in my cradle with my twin sister, both of us only infants, the only thought that crosses my mind is how warm and safe I feel. She is already asleep, the sound of her heartbeat a lullaby to my alert brain. A shadow appears in the doorway and makes its way over to our crib, peering in. Its face is blurry, so assuming it is my father -mama had been in earlier- I stretch out my tiny hand, the one that isn't holding my sister's. The shadow smiles, revealing flashing white teeth and reaches into the crib with two hands, using one to cradle my head and the other to hold
:iconkimrimiphantomhive:kimrimiphantomhive 2 40
Chapter 11 - What Really Happened
Winry smirked evilly as she swung the feta bag menacingly in front of her. Her prisoner gulped.
"Mmm phnt oo mmeephng!"
"Sure you didn't. Not alone, anyway. What I'm here to find out, is why you would aid him in such a ridiculous scheme!"
Winry rolled her eyes. "Don't play dumb. All the cow in Amestris have stopped producing milk and it's obviously alchemy! And if you weren't involved, do you care to explain-" She pulled out a black feather "this?"
Dark's eyebrows furrowed and he began pulling on the licorice that bound his wrists. How the heck were they holding him?
"Hmm mpht oompheephng wiph phat phipskep!"
Somewhere, Edward sneezed. Winry looked utterly confused and un-gagged him.
"Never mind. I've ben framed and- What the hell's with this licorice?"
She held up her palm and put her other hand to her ear. Her eyes widened and she paled visibly. Moving quickly, she flipped out a pocketknife and cut the licorice then ran off.
Rubbing his wrists, Dark looked ar
:iconkimrimiphantomhive:kimrimiphantomhive 3 57
Best Day Yet by kimrimiphantomhive Best Day Yet :iconkimrimiphantomhive:kimrimiphantomhive 5 91


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...To all of you ^^

My sis, :iconaddictedtothescript: posted a journal that I think was very smart, so I'm going to copy and past it here and let ya'll see what you think ^^ She doesn't have too many watchers yet, but I think we can do this!
Here's what she wrote:

So, I haven't been posting too much lately. I have some ideas for writing, but I'm not really motivated to write them. So, I figure I'll do a challenge. Can you guys give me a word (or couple of words) and a theme?  I son't mean normal things. Like, seriously give me something like "Shoelace; funny" or "Baclava; angsty". NORMALCY WILL BE REJECTED! THis also works as a request thing, so if you have a weird topic and theme, but you really want a fanfic, mention the fandom/pairings/characters you want in it. I'll do this for as long as I have themes. Feel free to give me more than one. Thanks!

Go get 'em guys!!


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